Type can serve as more than just type. It can push, pull, drip, sprint, fade, shine…name an adjective, and a designer will make it embody that word. Directional typography is a drop in the cloud of typographic design. Layouts for directional type can follow any number of paths: radial, growth, burst, splatter…as long as the type feels as though it moves in a direction, it qualifies as “directional typography.”

The first image moves outward radially from the center, but the point in to draw the eye into the piece and through the type as if they served as a tunnel into the red. The second piece is growing and expanding, much like an ecosystem does. Both are drastically different, yet they both have clear directionality.

This one is interesting: The type is meant to mimic blood spatter. With the popularity of the HBO’s Dexter, I’ve found more typography relating to splatter; the show has been effective in inspiring designers to return to fluid type, whether it’s water or blood or juice or wine, etc. Movement in typography has become popular again. However, I’m especially attracted to 3D type:

Click on the picture, it’ll lead to the original post about this 3D type. I really like “tangible” type. It makes the design heartier, I think anyway (when it’s done right anyway). Here’s a side shot: